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The Toy Man®
Code of Ethics

    The Toy Man® Code of Ethics
    The foundation of our moral code and expectations

    It is the responsibility of The Toy Man® staff to uphold all values which are outlined below. Faith and trust in one another is a serious concern to all staff under the standards in which we operate. By upholding the The Toy Man® Code of Ethics we have set forth in this document, you are taking part in our effort to put the Bite back into the Fight for an increase in added value, branding, and security in the web sites, products, and services we support.
    Promote trust and confidence in all facets of development of Web Sites, Products, Services, and Privacy Policies by upholding ethical management practices. Refrain from compromise in integrity in our ethics in any manner.
    Set the example in performance of duties by acting with integrity, honesty, impartiality, and in accordance with local and International law. Respect real and intellectual property laws, copyrights and patents.
    Maintain the confidentiality of all sensitive and proprietary information and do not infringe upon the privacy of individuals encountered during the course of duty, unless required by the law or organizational regulations.
    Refrain from activities that may be a conflict of interest with the iWatchDog™ Guidelines/Content Policy and endeavor to avoid even the appearance of one.
    Uphold and promote the principles of this Code of Ethics. Not only is it important for all The Toy Man® Product Guide staff and associates to adhere to the principles expressed in this Code, each person should encourage and support adherence by all other individuals who are involved with The Toy Man® Product Guide. Violations of this code of ethics are inconsistent with the iWatchDog™ guidelines set forth by The Toy Man® and will not be tolerated..