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The Toy Man® FAQ's

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    To make navigation more simple and F-A-S-T, we have broken the faq's into different sections, (listings in accordance with how often they are asked), to get right to the area of interest in just a single click from the index below.

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    1. How do I submit a product for your evaluation?

      • Go to the page footer and select "Submit Product".  Fill out the form and follow the instructions where to send the product samples.

    2. Where do I send the sample product I want to submit?

      • The shipping address is listed on the product submission form
    3. When is the deadline I need my product(s) submitted by?

      • There is no deadline.  Our product evaluation service is an ongoing process
    4. Who does the evaluation of the products?

      • The evaluation is performed by credentialed in-house staff, credentialed independent evaluators, and consumers (spontaneous hands-on evaluation)
    5. What makes you different from the other awards programs?

      • This is NOT an awards program. Awards programs are fee-based and non fee-based. Most if not all have deadlines for submission.

      • Our program was established in 1971 and is ongoing (no deadlines)

      • We provide a far more in-depth and accurately detailed evaluation of products and services than any awards programs commonly used

      • No product or online service submitted for evaluation is a one-shot deal.  If a product or online service fails to meet our strict standards, a detailed report is provided which outlines the items which need to be changed to pass our evaluation.  There are no fees for initial submission or re-submission



    1. What is the purpose of your web site?

      • The purpose of this web site is first and foremost to create support in multiple industries and categories.  Support is of course in a different form for a consumer than it may be for a distributor/reseller yet each of our staff does their best to deliver.

    2. Doesn't the variety of the content cause loss of interest of readers?

      • This question requires looking at it from two different perspectives.

        • What one person may see as useless, another may see it as invaluable.
        • Variety which is provided effectively serves a wider range of readers/clients which in turn generates more traffic.  More traffic generally equates to a greater level of popularity, (although not necessarily always.)


    1. What is your target audience?

      • Our target audience is more than just one single target due to the diversity and volume of content.

      • We originally started with just product evaluations for books, games, toys, and a variety of other products but like with anything else in life, the popularity/demand ratio requires more than just a single target.

        All content is targeted for retailers, distributors, product developers, and consumers for a wide variety of industries.

      • Do you have any specific audience you target more than the rest?

      • No. The target audiences are essentially multiple at all times once again due to the diversity of the content.
    Should you discover you can't find the answer you are looking for, just use our contact form and throw your question at us.  We'll be sure to bounce back an answer promptly.