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Product Shipping Information & FAQ's

  • Looking for a shipping address?  Of course it would be rather challenging to ship products for evaluation without one so we have provided that information for you below along with a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    Please ship all products submitted for evaluation to:

    The Toy Man® Product Guide
    Attn:  New Product Submissions
    2560 Eclipsing Stars Drive
    Henderson, NV 89044-1563


    "How many samples should I send for each product being submitted?"

    A minimum of two samples per product being submitted must be sent unless arrangements have been made by authorized staff to allow less.  The greater the number of samples sent, the larger the number of consumers having hands-on evaluation of the product.

    "Can I get a rush on the evaluation of my product(s) submitted for evaluation?"

    Yes, you can but only if a formal request has been submitted following submission of the product,  You must provide specific details as to urgency for us to approve priority on the evaluation of your product(s).  Each request is handled on an individual basis and has no guarantee of approval.  A unique processing ticket number will be generated and assigned to each request.

    "What's the submission price?"

    We do not charge fees of any kind for product submission.

    "What's Lifetime Licensing?"

    With "Lifetime" licensing, you pay $250 for unlimited use of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval and all Awards you are authorized to use.

  • Free upgrades for any Seal or Award image that is retired and replaced with a new version
  • 50% off our fees for participation in any of our events or trade show pavilions
  • Your product(s) can be included in our Disney properties events, airport, and hotel programs

  • "Do I have to pay a fee to submit a product for evaluation or posting of it's being a winner?"

    No fees of any kind are required for the evaluation of any product submitted to us for review. We uphold professional journalism values which embody the idea of unbiased news coverage/evaluation. If so much as a single penny is received prior to the completion of a product evaluation, it is biased.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

    Once and IF a product passes our strict evaluation process, a New Inductee announcement is published with details such as the URL of the company producing the product, UPC Code, MSRP, and other details.  This is done with no fees of any kind.

    In regard to the evaluation process we use, we do not have "winners".  Each product is judged by its own merits and how the product stands in the extensive number of evaluation categories used to complete an in-depth and fair evaluation.