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This page features the product review summaries for Infant Toys, Plush, R/C Products & Accessories. This includes but is not limited to Electric / Gas Fueled Cars, Helicopters, Quadcopters, Robotic / A.I. Toys and accessories and more. Following their evaluation, the products featured here have been designated either an "Approved Product" or "Recommended Product "

  • Lay-N-Go Activity Mats

    Lay-n-Go is an award winning (patent pending) activity mats, cleanup, carryall and storage solution in one for families both at home and on-the-go! Small toy collections are easily spread out, contained, and cleaned up at home, while visiting friends, in restaurants, on airplanes, in cars, at Grandma’s house, or wherever life takes you.

    Wee-Drool Waterproof Reversible T-Bib

    Wee Drool T-bibs are stylish waterproof bibs designed to protect your little one's clothing from dribble, drool, spit up and spills in an ultra chic green way. Made from a blend of Bamboo Viscose and Organic Cotton, these T-bibs are the ultimate in softness, comfort, soak-proof protection and of course, style!

    BabySmart Cooshee Hybak

    The award winning "strap-free" BabySmart Cooshee HyBak seat props-a-tot up and forward for focus and concentration! With a contoured wide-angle base, skid-resistant circle-pods, side arms to prevent leaning over, leg-positioning for proper posture, and a snug higher-back design.

    FirstBIKE Balance Training Bikes

    The FirstBIKE™ is the perfect training bike for developing your child. As an added plus, some models of the FirstBIKE™ Balance Training Bikes have the luxury of a precise rear drum brake that provides an added level of safety during use.

    Kinderfeets Wooden Balance Bikes

    kinderfeets are a wooden balance bike for children ages 2 - 5. It has no pedals or training wheels. Children kick off the ground as if running, thus pushing themselves and the bike forward. The kinderfeets Wooden Balance Bike is perfect for learning balance, steering, coordination and independence.

    brain insights - Fun While I'm One

    The fun learning activities focus on language, cognitive, social-emotional, and physical skills. All of the Brain Insights information is provided in everyday language.

    braininsights - Play With Me While I'm Three

    Filled with 40 Neuro-Nurturing interactions this easy to use 3" x 4 " packet of cards hung on a ring, provides you with lots of ideas for fun and optimal learning for your special three year old.

    Floof - Mr. and Mrs. Snowman

    Floof is an amazing new molding compound that feels lighter than air! Super moldable, super soft! You’ll get incredible details when you shape it with any of our tools, or make your own creations using just your hands. Once you feel it, you won’t want to put it down!

    First Toddle®

    First Toddle., the 5-in-1 Infant/Toddler Play, Entertainment and Development System, initially emphasizes standing and walking skills. Then it can be easily reconfigured to provide a variety of fun and challenging play areas for children...

    Adora Toddler Time Dolls - The Cats Meow

    Adora Toddler Time Dolls can turn a frown upside down, build friendships, teach nurturing, bring comfort and turn a boring day into a day of play! That’s what makes Adora Dolls special…oh, and we can’t forget those adorable baby faces…squeezable, loveable, cuddly, cute…simply irresistible.

    Rock N Learn Earth Science

    Want an exciting way to learn important facts and get ready for an earth science test? Marko the Pencil and his friend Terra take learners on a fascinating journey to Marko’s Super Science Station where it’s easy and fun to understand science...

    Preschool Flash Cards Learning Bundle

    Think Tank Scholar Preschool Flash Cards Learning Bundle helps children learn and boost their understanding of phonetics, counting, colors, shapes, and word recognition.

    Alphabotz Superphonic Decoder Cards

    Alphabotz Superphonic Decoder Cards are educational cards that help jump start beginning reading skills by helping early readers build lasting associations between sounds and the letters that represent them.

    The Learning Tower

    The Learning Tower provides a safe platform for your child to work on projects at countertop levels. Sturdy and durable, it is constructed from wood and is protected with a gloss finish. Adjustable to three levels, it will grow with your child!

    HABA Biofino Venezia Ice Cream Cones

    Just imagine luscious looking ice cream treats in front of you. Hmm, bright colors with an enticing look which is so tempting to pick them up.

    Constructive Eating Plate

    The Construction Plate is starting off with being quite unique and Made in the USA. It has patented features that work with some special utensils, ( which are also available separate ) to make eating fun and easier for children.

    Puckababy New Born

    PUCKABABY® BAG NEWBORN is a fantastic sleeping bag for your baby or expected child. It regulates your little one’s temperature and shields from cold and drafts. The sleeping bag is soft, with luxury finish, and it even has anti-scratch mittens.

    Balboa Baby Nursing Cover

    The innovative Balboa Baby® Nursing Cover allows you to feel comfortable and confident nursing your baby anywhere. The Nursing Cover is contoured to fit around you and your baby – keeping the fabric securely in place...

    Little Friends Homestead Farmhouse

    Farmers Franz and Joanna, along with their family, live in the homestead that you build. There is space for a comfy kitchen-living room downstairs. Upstairs, a ladder leads to a small loft for the family. Who shall sleep there? Children can design the homestead just as they like with any of the dollhouse furniture sets

    Snack & Play Travel Tray 2.0

    The Snack and Play® Travel Tray 2.0 is packed with all kinds of options for a child to entertain themselves while in their car seat, stroller or even in a shopping basket!. It has a dry erase electronic safe magnetic surface that allows children to play with dry erase markers, magnetic toys, or just eat their snacks.

    The Zaky(R)

    The Zaky® is an ergonomic positioning, bonding, therapeutic, comforting, soothing, and sleeping aid, as well as a transitional item for children. It imitates the touch, scent, weight, and warmth of human

    Elephango Online Learning

    Elephango has established a new standard in online education resources that are vital to cognitive development in a child. A child begins a never ending journey as they are captured by their first learning content which in turn stimulates their desire to follow a seemingly never ending wealth of source of new topics of content to read.

    The BabyPlus Prenatal Education System

    Created by a developmental psychologist, BabyPlus is a patented, early curriculum and prenatal education system that introduces patterns of sound to a prenatal child in the one language they can understand—the maternal heartbeat.

    Maze-O Starter Kit

    Maze-O is designed for young kids to create working mazes every time! No frustrating connectors, simple, easy to use, beautiful parts. Maze-O comes in classic colors to form endless imaginative mazes. Watch as your kids build tricky paths and dead-ends.

    Loop Lab Box 1 - Gross Science

    While there are plenty of products that contribute to S.T.E.M. education, Loop Lab Box 1 - Gross Science breaks away from the pack. Loop Lab Box 1 - Gross Science brings forth a monumental contribution not just to S.T.E.M. education but critical skill development as well.

    Roces Idea 6-in-1 Adjustable Childrens Ski Boot

    The IDEA 6-in-1 Kids Adjustable Ski Boot is changing the way parents buy and rent ski equipment with technology never seen before in the ski industry. The boots are exceptional due to their ability to grow with children and accommodate their unique and changing needs.


    Swiggies was invented as an alternative to fanny packs and having to carry water bottles while exercising. This new hands-free approach is simple and easy to use. You just fill them up with water and go!

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